Monday, February 1, 2010

January Report

Time seems to be zooming by. The first month of the year has already ended. I thought it would be a good time to look back and assess how the month went. In doing so, I hope to celebrate my victories, however small, and learn from my mistakes.

One of the changes I started in December was to keep track of my online earnings in a separate spreadsheet. Once I had that in place, it was easy to continue onto this year. I also decided not to spend any of that money. Instead, I'm socking it away. It's part of my plan to reach one of my goals_destination no. 2 in the Crown Money Map. I am doing the same thing with my rebates. Instead of treating these two as extra income, I'm using them as savings. For this month, my totals are:

                           YouData     =  0.46
                           CrownGPT =  5.00 (Amazon giftcard)
                           Lightspeed  =  5.00
                           Swagbucks =10.00
                           Opinion Outpost = 12.80 

The cash plus the $48.98 in rebates I received are welcome additions to my savings account. I'm also waiting for three $5.00 Amazon gift card codes to be added to my Swagbucks account. The codes won't post until Monday today, because the month ended on a weekend. That's fine with me, as I'm saving everything up in my Amazon account for future use anyway.