Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Coupon Lady

The coupon lady, that's what the Rite Aid store manager called me the other day. I was in his store and bought $36.43 worth of merchandise. Of course, frugal gal that I am, I didn't pay the full price. I used coupons, both clipped and earned from Rite Aid Video Values, and combined them with the sales they had. I walked out the door after paying $7.43 (including tax). I also had $3.00 worth of UP rewards by using their wellness card. He was so amazed at how much I saved, he said he should have his wife learn from me. I wonder what he would have said if I told him I am getting a $3.00 rebate as well, :)

*Disclaimer: This post is solely my opinion based on my experience with the Rite Aid store where I shop. Rite Aid, the company and its employees, did not ask for this post nor was I compensated in any way for it (I wish!). I seriously doubt they are even aware of my blog, ;).